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Additional Automotive Parts

  • Air Brake Components
  • Trailer Parts
  • Drive Shafts
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Pedal Rubbers
  • Vacuum and Reservoir Hose
  • Boosters

Warringah Brake and Clutch Centre carry Reconditioned Boosters for popular motor vehicles.

For rarer vehicles we can send your booster away for Reconditioning with a short turn-around of generally 4 business days – 3 weeks. There is also a possibility of a freight charge. Please be aware this depends on our supplier. We can also look at upgrading your booster.

Warringah Brake and Clutch Centre also carry truck accessories that include:

  • lights, Lenses
  • Warning Signs, Mud Flaps
  • Mirrors, Studs, Nuts
  • Wiper Blades, clamps, belts
  • Consumables
  • HTB500 Wheel Bearing Grease (High Temperature) 500g tub
  • GRRB Castrol Rubber Grease 500g tube
  • RG500G Rubber Grease 500g tub
  • WCC400 Carby Cleaner 400g spray can
  • WLG400 Lithium Grease 400g spray can
  • WBC400 Brake Cleaner 400g spray can (Brake cleaner also available in 20 Litre)
  • WRBT250 Rubberised Battery Terminal Protector 250g spray canAF-250 Brake Parts Assembly Fluid 250g spray can
  • BBL20 Bendix Calliper Grease 255g Tube (Ceramic High Performance’ Synthetic Lubricant)
  • BAF480 Calliper Assembly Compound 125ml bottle
  • 5016 Disc Brake Quiet 118ml bottle
  • ASF17 Anti Squeal Adhesive 17.5ml tube
  • RG17 Rubber Grease 17g tube
  • AF-150 Brake Parts Assembly Fluid 150g small bottle
  • CG-50 Brake Calliper Guide Pin Grease 50g tube
  • BCP90 Ceramic Brake Paste 90ml tube
  • BHC1 Brake Hose Clamp
  • RG4 Rubber Grease 110g tube
  • BBL10 Ceramic High performance Synthetic lubricant 6g satchel
  • 3301 Synthetic Grease 2.5 oz tube

If we do not have a part in stock, we may be able to order it in for you. Please note that supply depends on suppliers’ stock which can vary. 1-5 days wait time applies if we need to order in. There may be a possible freight charge.