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Brakes and Sensors

We keep a huge range of popular car brake pads on our shelves . In the rare event that we do not have your specific pad on hand, we would be able to source it for you and order it in*.


  • GCT – A Brake Pad designed for passenger vehicles for everyday driving.
  • 4wd – A Brake Pad designed for 4WD’s and SUV’s for road and off road.
  • HD – A Brake Pad designed for working vehicles, towing and other heavy duty applications.
  • EUROLINE – A Brake Pad designed from European vehicles.


  • Trade series – Brake Pads specifically designed for general every day driving. Bremtec Trade Series offer the optimum balance of performance and durability.
  • Pro Series – Brake Pads specifically designed for drivers who want a upgrade in performance from standard or when a Heavy-Duty pad is needed.
  • Endure – Brake Pads specifically designed for 4WD driving.
  • Euroline – Brake Pads are specifically designed for European vehicles.
  • Evolve – Brake Pads specifically designed for the enthusiasts who strive for extreme high performance in their vehicles.


  • HIQ pads – Hi-Q is made with eco-friendly materials. HIQ pads are quiet when braking , resulting in less dust.
  • HIQ Heavy Duties – A Brake Pad designed for 4WD’s and SUV’s on road and off road which have Stronger braking power, lower dust and lower noise than the HIQ pads.


  • RDA GP MAX – Brake Pads designed for everyday vehicles.
  • RDA Extreme Heavy Duty – Brake Pads designed for heavy cars which might carry large loads, 4 WD’s, couriers, taxi’s, towing trailers. These pads also have low dust and are extremely quiet.


  • Brake Pads designed for European everyday cars.


  • Aisin is one of the world’s leading OE manufacturers. We have a small range of brake pads for some cars.
  • Consistent braking performance.

*Supply depends on suppliers’ stock which can vary. 1-5 days wait time applies if we need to order in.